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Terms and Conditions

for using the www.enterprise-concept.com or www.enterprise-concept.ro websites

Definitions for the purpose of these terms and conditions:

 “Terms and conditions of use of the www enterprise-concept.com or www enterprise-concept.ro sites” represents an agreement between any person (hereinafter referred to as user) who visits the sites or who wishes to use in any way or actually use the service (hereinafter referred to as “the service”) and ENTERPRISE CONCEPT as its owner and site administrator and service provider.

This agreement sets out the conditions under which any person may visit or access the sites www.enterprise-concept.com or www enterprise-concept.ro (hereinafter referred to as “the sites”) or may use in any way the service offered through the sites.

– content: any text / graphics / document on these sites as well as fragments / portions of these documents, no matter what form they are;

– user: any person accessing this sites for any reason;

– service means providing users with access to data and information transmitted by ENTERPRISE CONCEPT over the Internet using these sites;

– ENTERPRISE CONCEPT refers to ENTERPRISE CONCEPT S.R.L. with headquarters in 42-46 Siriului Street, 4th Floor, Sector 1, Bucharest, Trade Registry no: J40 / 18363/2005, CUI: 18092333.

Acceptance of the agreement

Accessing or further visiting the sites, any page of it and / or the Service, and any component thereof, constitutes a wholly unconditional acceptance of the Agreement and any provision therein, and the non-acceptance of this Agreement or its any provision of this provision entails the obligation of that person to immediately cease access to the sites.

Site content

The content of the sites as it is defined is the property of ENTERPRISE CONCEPT, unless expressly mentioned by the author. All works published on this sites are protected by the “Copyright Law” and the International Treaties and Agreements on Intellectual Property Rights. Users can use the content of the sites exclusively for information purposes. Users are prohibited from copying, downloading, reproducing, publishing, transmitting, selling, partially distributing, integrating or altering the content of these sites for any other purpose.


The user acknowledges that ENTERPRISE CONCEPT cannot control or provide any kind of suggestions, warranties, or conditions regarding the security or the content of information passing through its communications network and via the Internet or the Service. The user understands that the services are available through the Internet and although ENTERPRISE CONCEPT will do its best to preserve the security of the information, it cannot guarantee that the information the User receives or sends by using the Services will be permanently safe.

Connection to other Networks or Third Parties

The Service may be used by the User to find out different information displayed by ENTERPRISE CONCEPT on the Web in order to link to other Networks or Web sites in the world, and the User undertakes to abide by the applicable usage policies on those networks or sites.

The user accepts the fact that ENTERPRISE CONCEPT does not control these sites, is not responsible and assumes no obligation with respect to other sites, any links in other sites or their content. Any inclusion of links to other sites or networks is solely for the user’s help and does not involve the support of ENTERPRISE CONCEPT of the material available on or through those sites or networks, nor any association with their operators.

The user accesses those sites and uses their products and services exclusively at their own risk. ENTERPRISE CONCEPT does not guarantee that the services or content provided by third parties are acceptable and available in any part of Romania. If the User accesses other content or services on third party sites, ENTERPRISE CONCEPT is not responsible for the user’s compliance with local laws or other applicable laws in those countries.

Liability limitation

ENTERPRISE CONCEPT is not responsible for errors or omissions in the content provided by the sites. The user accepts that ENTERPRISE CONCEPT will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages resulting from accessing / using these sites.

Agreement changes

ENTERPRISE CONCEPT reserves the right to alter in any way, at any time, and any of the terms of this agreement, without prior notice and without having to comply with any other formality to users. Simply using or accessing any feature offered by the sites or service that occurs after the change is operated is the user’s full and unconditional acceptance. Non-acceptance of any change results in the user’s obligation to immediately cease access to the sites.

Applicable law. Litigation

The terms of this Agreement are interpreted and enforced under the laws in force in Romania. The Parties agree that in case of misunderstandings regarding the validity of this document or resulting from its interpretation, its execution or its termination be solved amiably by their representatives. If the parties fail to reach any amiable settlement, then, based on a written notice from either party to the other, any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement or the use of the Sites will be settled by arbitration of the Court of Commercial Arbitration attached to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania in accordance with the Arbitrary Rules of Procedure of this Court. The arbitrary ruling is final and binding.

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