About Enterprise Concept

Our Mission

Enterprise Concept is a company specialized in enterprise architecture and business processes management. Business consulting and implementation of Business Process Management IT solutions represent the core-business. The organization manages to develop the most suitable solutions for our clients through a holistic approach, which tends to redefine, streamline and increase efficiency of the business processes. The implementation is conducted through a variety of agile dedicated technologies for BPM. 

Our Vision

Enterprise Concept is best known for excelling at bringing together best-fit business strategies and technology, offering a state-of-the-art experience-based expertise in areas such as Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Management (BPM), Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM). While mastering the methodology that accelerates the effective implementation of highly customized solutions, Enterprise Concept brings years of business and technology consulting experience to each project, thus making a real difference in helping companies improve on enterprise performance, maximize productivity and accelerate innovation.

Looking for business consulting and enterprise process automation?

Our History

Founded in 2005, Enterprise Concept is renowned for its ability to create a covalent bond between the Management Consulting and IT execution, providing perfect synergy between managerial strategy and the most advanced technologies that can contribute to the transformation of public and private organizations.



The company was founded based on the know-how gathered in the US.


Partnership with Web Models

The partnership is focusing on using the WebRatio highly innovative technology platform which allows the development of applications based on the Business Process Management approach.


Hex IT acquisition

Hex IT announces full acquisition of Enterprise Concept, the leader of the BPM (Business Process Management) market in Romania


Centric BPM launch

​The launch of the business process management platform dedicated to optimization of the processes and company performance.​

In the 13 years of experience, the company stood out for being a professional group of consultants trained to redesign business models that generate added value, by positioning the technology as the basic structure for creating business logic. The solutions offered by Enterprise Concept are focused on concepts such as Database integration (Enterprise Bus) Enterprise Performance Management, Business Process Management, Lean Six Sigma, Enterprise Architecture Zachman Framework, Risk Management, Business Process Reengineering, Document Management & Archive and other.

Our journey started with a specific consultative approach to projects and evolved towards the foundation of a Center of Excellence in BPM in 2012 together with Oracle, the implementation of a Q-Act program in 2013 (an ethical contract with all parties in the business ecosystem) and the “Human-Centered Design” approach in 2014.

Our Projects

Over 150 BPM projects have been implemented in Romania and international clients in various industries and business areas. A selection of our most important clients is presented below:

All our business endeavours include an important research & innovation component, and this is the reason why our company has developed long-lasting partnerships with both the academic world and the largest IT companies, such as Oracle and IBM. 

One of the largest projects that expresses our commitment to creating synergies between the IT businesses and scholars is “Project BPM4People”, developed in 2010 in partnership (consortium) with Web Models, University of Trento (Italy), University of Extremadura (Spain) and several other SMEs. Enterprise Concept has managed a 500,000 EUR budget in this project that aimed at designing and bringing to the market innovative methodologies, software tools, and vertical applications for the implementation of Social Business Processes, i.e., processes “collaboratively defined” and “collaboratively executed” by organizations and their stakeholders (employees, customers, citizens).

Our projects so far cover a wide range of technologies, among which, the most relevant are:

  • Databases: Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle SQL
  • Programming languages: Php, Asp, Jsp, Java SE & EE, C, C++
  • Web development: HTML5, JavaScript (JQuery, Ajax), CSS 2 & 3
  • BPM platforms: WebRatio, CentricBPM
  • ECM platforms: Liferay, Alfresco
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