About Enterprise Concept

Beyond just a company

Leading by the number of automated processes in Romania, Enterprise Concept is a company specialized in Business Process Management (BPM) and Digital Process Automation (DPA) which managed to save 1.000.000 working hours and generate $ 30 million directly and indirectIy for it’s clients so far. 

How it all started

Enterprise Concept was founded in 2005, becoming renowned for its ability to create a covalent link between management consulting and IT execution. Thus, a perfect synergy is ensured between the management strategy and the most advanced technologies that contribute to the evolution of public and private organizations.

Starting from a specific consultative approach to projects, we soon managed to found a Center of Excellence in BPM in 2012 together with Oracle, implemented a Q-Act program in 2013 (an ethical contract with all the parts of the business ecosystem) and the Human Centered Design approach in 2014.


Establishment of the company

Founded on the basis of specialized knowledge acquired in the USA, Enterprise Concept is born - one of the first automation companies in Romania.


Web Models partnership

The focus of the partnership  is on the use of the highly innovative technological platform WebRatio. This allows the development of applications based on business processes management approach.


Hex IT acquisition

Hex IT announces the complete acquisition of Enterprise Concept, the leader of the BPM (Business Process Management) market in Romania.


Centric BPM launch

Enterprise Concept ​launches a Business Process Management platform dedicated to optimizing company processes and performance.


Centric platform evolution

Two new components - Centric EDI (Electronica Data Interchange) and Centric DMS (Document Management System) completely transformed Centric into one of the most advanced platforms in Romania.


UiPath partnership

Enterprise Concept signs a partnership with UiPath by using RPA technology to improve the applications and services offered to customers.


Our mission is to automate all the business processes of the companies we work with.

We achieve this by developing the most suitable solutions for our clients through a holistic approach, which redefines, standardizes and increases the efficiency of commercial processes.


Our vision is based on offering a next generation experience, founded with the help of specialized knowledge in fields such as:

Enterprise Architecture (EA), Business Process Management (BPM), Dedicated Service Architecture (DSA) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM).

Our clients

Over 150 BPM projects have been implemented to clients from Romania and abroad from different industries and fields of activities, including:

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